For months now, U.S. government hackers have been setting their sights on the Islamic State terror group, intent on wiping the self-declared caliphate from cyberspace much like U.S. and coalition aircraft have sought to wipe it from the face of the earth. Yet, some of those helping to lead the virtual charge admit it is not yet clear just how effective the cyber efforts have been.数月来,美国政府的黑客仍然把注意力集中于在伊斯兰国恐怖组织身上,企图将这个所谓“哈里发国”从网络空间清理过来,就像美国及联盟的战机企图歼灭伊斯兰国一样。

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A breakthrough in electrochemistry at Cambridge university could lead the way to rechargeable super-batteries that pack five times more energy into a given space than today’s best batteries, greatly extending the range of electric vehicles and potentially transforming the economics of electricity storage.剑桥大学(Cambridge University)在电化学领域的一项突破,或将促成可充电的超级电池。

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