How much metal is needed?必须多少金属?The amount of metal needed will depend on the size and number of medals, since each year, they seem to get bigger and heavier.所需的金属数量各不相同奖牌的大小和数量。每一年奖牌都在显得更加大,越来越重。

Five new sports have also been added to the Tokyo 2020 competition, including baseball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.2020年奥运会新加了五项运动,分别是棒球、空手道、滑板、运动攀岩和冲浪。The 2016 Rio Olympics had the largest medals of any games, weighing in at 500g each and 1cm thick in the middle.2016里大约奥运会的奖牌大小是有史以来仅次于的,重500克,中间薄1厘米。


The Brazilian Mint produced 5,130 medals in total, up from the 4,700 made by Londons Royal Mint for the 2012 Games.巴西铸币局总共生产了5130枚奖牌,多达了伦敦皇家铸币局为2012年奥运会生产的4700枚奖牌。How much will it cost?花费多少?It may end up being cheaper using recycled metals than buying it on the spot market.用于重复使用的奖牌会比在现货市场上买低廉。

A little-known fact is that the gold medals are mostly made out of sterling silver and the bronze metals are mostly made out of copper.一个少有人知的事实是金牌大多是由标准纯银做成,铜牌则大多由青铜做成。Isnt that rather sneaky?这是不是有点“愚蠢”?The IOC minimum requirement for a gold medal is 6g of the pure yellow metal.国际奥委会对金牌的拒绝是最少要有6克的金。

If the medals were made of pure gold, the overall cost would run into tens of millions of dollars.如果奖牌是纯金的,那么总花费将超过几千万美元。Gold is currently about 70 times more expensive than silver. But some market experts think that may change by 2020.现在金的价格比银贵70倍。但是一些市场专家指出到2020年形势不会有所变化。

Global silver reserves continue to shrink as demand is exceeding supply and we mine only 11oz of silver for each ounce of gold, said Gregor Gregersen, the founder of Silver Bullion in Singapore.全球银储存量在渐渐增加,供不应求。新加坡Silver Bullion的创立者格雷格尔·格雷格森说道,我们每埋一盎司的金,不能埋十一盎司的银。